Your SES Council

All parents are invited and welcome to attend all council meetings.  Membership on Council is open to any interested Stonecrest parent or guardian. If you are interested, or want to know more about Council, send an email to

The 2016-2017 Stonecrest School Council Members:

Position Name
Executive Chair Liliane Benoît
  Vice Chair Laila Labelle
Treasurer Diane Labonte
Secretary Janice Beaudoin
Fundraising Coordinator Amy Stoate
Officers Communications -
Health and Safety -
Hot Lunches Melissa Saumure
OCASC Representative Patricia McKeage
Volunteer Coordination Shannon Cuddihey
Social Convenor -
Website Manager Libby McCalden
Members Member-at-large Jill Beck
Member-at-large Jessica Carmosino
Member-at-large Trish Larwill
Member-at-large Terri Scott
Member-at-large Sarah Simkin
Member-at-large Alanna Smith
Member-at-large Sandra Gray
Admin Principal Marina Saulig
Vice Principal Diane Farrell
Teachers Teacher Representative Marcy Storms
Teacher Representative Dorothy Zuber
Teacher Representative Lisa Dolan
Teacher Representative Stephanie Fulcher
Teacher Representative Serena D'Costa